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A heart-filling journey of Self-Liberation and Life Transformation

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a unique path
Authenticity: transform your life by being the person you want to be

Inner exploration: discover what are your toxic beliefs, and Liberate your Self

A better life: learn techniques to fully engage with life, and befriend your demons

The big picture: build an identity grounded in your chosen values and life purpose

If not now, When?

As human beings we have the unique ability to relive our past, in all its striking details, imagine and plan our future as we wish, and nurture our closest relationships with love and connection.

These same traits can sometimes be a heavy burden to carry: painful memories are just a hint away, worries and anxiety can transform our life into a scary place, filled with the shadows of our past and a paralysing fear of our future. 

Maybe your deepest need is for your whole life to shift into something new and amazing. Something that feels like YOU, and tastes just right. Or maybe you cannot get around that one itch, that one wish: a new job, a new skill, a new relationship. That one person who gets the worst out of you, that one resolution that never sticks, that one dream forgotten since way too long. 

Whatever you wish for, it's never too late. 

It never is, as long as your heart is beating and you remember the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

Let me show you how change, of whatever extent, can be as exciting as exploring a new country, as embracing as the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, and as rewarding as succeeding in a new endeavour.

Let me show you, through simple evidence-based techniques, how your deepest desires are just a step away.


Re-wire your Life is a transformational program based on the combination of evidence-based models and techniques, mostly CBT (Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy).

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I offer individual coaching on the following topics:

- Re-wire your Life: Live the life you want as the person you choose to be

- Food as an emotional compensation (binge eating and sugar cravings)

- Emotionally draining life situations

- Healthy relationships (boundaries, expectations, acceptance and love)


I offer coaching to employees and help in:

- finding the right job for the person you are

- getting a promotion or a raise

- exploring new possibilities and paths

I offer coaching to leaders and help in:
- setting up a culture and environment for significant productivity increase

- setting up a team of individuals eager to contribute and go the extra mile

- hiring for attitude, the single and most valuable characteristic you should be seeking


About Me

After a long and successful career in a Fortune 500 organization and many of my life-goals achieved, I found myself in the same pit of inner restlessness and anxiety, trapped in a life I dreamt of, but that didn't give what I needed the most: to feel alive.

To fully live a life soaked with purpose and rooted in connection I had to expose and question my toxic beliefs, and re-wire the way I perceived myself, others and the world surrounding me. 

Through evidence-based techniques, brain-hacks and my own story, I show the potential that we all have within to Liberate our Self and Transform our lives, in all possible aspects, at any given time. If not now, when?

Valentina Manini

Innovation and Change Expert, MA
Life Transformation Coach

what do you have to lose?


A free 30 minutes session to share your world, and get a glimpse into a new beginning.

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Valentina Manini
Innovation and Change expert, MA
Certified Life Coach

Phone number:  +41 (0) 78 943 39 96

Email: valentina@rewire-yourlife.com