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Hey there, I'm Valentina! A consciousness explorer obsessed by living a meaningful life of expansion and growth.

My purpose is to help restless human beings know and feel they are truly Wired 4 Wow. 

If I can, You can.

Are you tired of a life that tastes like 200 years old pudding?
Then you are in the right place!

Hi, I'm Valentina: a former Corporate manager in a Fortune500 company who went from crippling anxiety to being an awareness-junkie, consciousness explorer and life-obsessed quirky human being.
My superpower is to understand how people tick. I am obsessed with living a meaningful & purposeful life, and teaching the evidence-based tools, processes and hacks that transformed my life to as many people as I can.

I love teaching to all those people who cannot settle for LESS. To all those people who want MORE, even though they have been taught how to be LESS. To all those people who question and wonder and get lost in their never ending over-thinking. To all those people who are stuck because their dreams are too scary/impractical/unrealistic. To all those people who are hostage of their mind, life, or relationships. 
To all those people who KNOW, even if in punctual micro-fraction of a second, that they ARE wired for WOW.

If this is you, I'd love to help you find that WOW.

In the form of your most unique essence: your true self.
In the form of your most incredible superpower: your ever-expanding awareness.
In the form of your most learnable skill: being in charge of your mind.
So that you can be in control of your choices and your whole life.

Join the geekiest and nerdiest (is this a word?) adventure of all.
Into your subconscious, digging for gold...ehhh... for truth. Ok, Gold AND Truth.
Into the higher awareness of who you are, and are not.
Rooted in freedom and empowerment - because like matching accessories, you cannot have one without the other.

I promise you this is going to be the most exhilarating and empowering experience of your life. 

The only question you need to answer is: if not NOW, then WHEN? 
The arrival place in our lives is all the same... and as much as you push that thought away as soon as it comes up... I know you can feel it in your bones... and even more in your strong beating heart.
This is the time.

- QUIZ -

What is your Style in life?

Which one style do you use to run the show of your life?
Are you a Life Professional? A Life Skeptical? A Life Lover... or... ?

Understand what your approach to life is with a funny and short Quiz, and find out how you approach life, and what you can do to get the best out of it.

One size usually doesn't fit me. 
So I won't expect it to fit you. 

I love getting my hands dirty with all the following.


Me. You. The ether. That's it.
Open ended or outcome based goals.
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You can ask me ANY question you want and I will be super happy to get a glimpse into your world for 20 minutes.
No strings attached, and no follow-up harassment either.

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This is the place for all those people who are never tired of seeking for more.
Who are not settling for less.
Who are ready to do whatever it takes to rise above corrosive beliefs and biases, so that they can find and live from their authentic self, so that they can shape the life they long for. And shape a better world with it. JOIN THE TRIBE!

find and live from your authentic self

My Membership Program to Rewire your Life, so that you can feel freaking ALIVE, dare to break Free of your inner prisons and create the life you need and deserve.

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If I speak to you, but there's something in the way of clicking one or the other box, I get it.

I don't like to be put in a box either.

Discover the Random Awe Blog

Science (oh the love), Brain-hacks (more of the love), Quizzes (oh the fun) and random randomness.
You will also witness my adventures into creative writing: from Meehh to... who knows?! I aim for Wow!

How to use awareness to deal with overwhelming emotions

Can you think of the last time you felt overwhelmed by an emotion?The hurting words from a partner or friend, a memory that suddenly popped up, an unexpected loss, a few words spoken by a stranger, the nonsense behavior of a child or coworker… or partner.Whether it’s our most blinding anger, that kind of anger ...


The 3 subtle differences between being a perfectionist and having high-standards

Perfectionism.This is one of those topics that you can find pretty much everywhere, as it looks like our modern society is quite centered on the concept of perfectionism. Some people have a negative connotation to the term, while others have a very positive connotation: many people have the feeling that being a perfectionist means being attentive ...


Quiz: How anxious are you, vs the average person?

Have you ever wondered HOW anxious are you, compared to the average human being.With this 3 minutes quiz you will discover whether you are:- as anxious as a lazy cat snoozing it off in a hot summer dayor- as a hamster trapped in the busy lane of the freewayPlus a couple of middle categories!You will ...


The 4 easy exercises you need to transform the way you see yourself

Who am I? Who are we, as human beings?Are we a collection of our actions? Are we our thoughts? Are we who we think we are?The way we SEE ourselves is deeply rooted in the beliefs through which we judge ourselves, perceive others and the world surrounding us.  Our beliefs are the lenses through which we ...


The empowering 5-step process to deal with anxiety that will transform your life

“In the end, don’t forget that we are just monkeys”  –  Dennis Mc’KennaAnd what do we love to do, with our monkey brains? 1. We create beliefs. Whether or not they are accurate, it doesn’t matter. We create them, someone believes them, therefore they ARE, and they stick around like carnival confetti. Often surrounded by ...


Valentina has the rare ability to combine empathy with assertiveness

Valentina is a highly skilled feedback giver. Her feedbacks do not shy away from the tough points and they always come along in a style that enables personal growth.

Valentina has the rare ability to combine empathy with assertiveness and she is always looking for a good outcome in such discussions.

Ilari H. A.

Great interpersonal skills

What makes Valentina stand out from the crowd, on top of her technical skills, are her great interpersonal skills.

Francesco P.

Any meeting with Valentina results in a full recharge of motivation

Any meeting with Valentina results in a full recharge of motivation to do your best. She is able to create trustful links with everybody crossing paths with her.

Roberto G. F.

Valentina Manini
Innovation and Change expert, MA
Certified Life Coach

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