If you had a magic wand, what would you want to get in the whiff of a sneeze?

(pick one and get my best tips to get exactly what you want, even without a magic wand)

​Reconnect to ​who YOU are, so that you can get the clarity and ​grit you need to ​naturally shift your life from Mehh to Wow!

- Valentina -

If I can, You can.

I know. There's a lot of shit in the internet. And no. This is not the usual shit. 
This is MY stuff. 
And yes, I believe you can tell the difference.

Are you tired of a life that tastes like 200 years old pudding?
Then you are in the right place!

I'm Valentina, a science geek who went from crippling anxiety to a life that tastes like chocolate covered rainbows (whaaaat? you never had one of those?)
My superpower is to understand how people tick. I am obsessed with living a meaningful & purposeful life, and teaching how easy and empowering it feels to as many people as I can.

I love teaching women how to ​naturally shift their Life from MEEH to WOW, so that they can ​break free from toxic beliefs and attitudes, truly reconnect to their inner world and live a life ​rooted in authenticity and love.
Lasting change doesn't have to be boring. And don't get me started on life!

Find out how to:
- Understand the WHOLE of you (yes, bitchy inner voice included).
- Outsmart all that is NOT you (yes, bitchy inner voice kicked in the butt, random toxic beliefs included).
- Turn your life around.  For good.

Join the geekiest and nerdiest (is this a word?) adventure of all.
Into your subconscious, digging for gold...ehhh... for truth. Ok, Gold AND Truth.
Into higher awareness of who you are, and are not.
Rooted in freedom and empowerment - because like matching accessories, you cannot have one without the other.

I promise you this is going to be the most exhilarating and empowering experience of your life. 

The only question you need to answer is: if not NOW, then WHEN? 
Because as we know, there are only two certainties in life... 
And I'm pretty sure you can feel it in your bones... and even more in your beating heart.

- QUIZ -

What about starting with an easy and fun first step: figure out your Style in life!

Which one style do you use to run the show of your life?
Are you a Life Professional? A Life Skeptical? Or... ?

One size usually doesn't fit me. 
So I won't expect it to fit you. 

I love getting my hands dirty with all the following.


The laser-focused outcome.

I work with you (individually) on single outcome based topics.

I'm taking applications for my Done With You DETOX. Detox from what? Toxic beliefs, attitudes and bitchy inner voices!
The one-way ticket to Freedom.

Your life from meehh to wow

My Signature Program to Rewire your Life, so that you can feel freaking ALIVE, dare to break Free and shape a life that tastes just right!

1. Extraordinary coaching
2. Loving community

3. All the cutting-edge science and no BS

4. Outcome based

5. Learn the minimum you need to thrive, or go down the rabbit hole of your subconscious.

5. It just works + it's FUN!

Not sure what fits you best? GREAT.
Take the Quiz I created to answer exactly this question, and have fun!

If I speak to you, but there's something in the way of clicking one or the other box, I get it.

I don't like to be put in a box either.

Discover the Random Awe Blog

Science (oh the love), Brain-hacks (more of the love), Quizzes (oh the fun) and random randomness.
You will also witness my adventures into creative writing: from Meehh to... who knows?! I aim for Wow!

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Any meeting with Valentina results in a full recharge of motivation

Any meeting with Valentina results in a full recharge of motivation to do your best. She is able to create trustful links with everybody crossing paths with her.

Roberto G. F.

Great interpersonal skills

What makes Valentina stand out from the crowd, on top of her technical skills, are her great interpersonal skills.

Francesco P.

Valentina has the rare ability to combine empathy with assertiveness

Valentina is a highly skilled feedback giver. Her feedbacks do not shy away from the tough points and they always come along in a style that enables personal growth.

Valentina has the rare ability to combine empathy with assertiveness and she is always looking for a good outcome in such discussions.

Ilari H. A.

Valentina Manini
Innovation and Change expert, MA
Certified Life Coach

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