The Awareness 101 Training series - Rewire Your Life

Your level of awareness is directly linked to your ability to consciously steer your life in the direction that YOU want and choose.

Learn the empowering potential of awareness, the learnable skill that makes creating and living your best life a concrete possibility. Like every skill it can be trained and developed over time.

In this video series you will get short 5-minute videos to grow your awareness and use it to improve your life. For good.

Here are some of the answers you will get in this course:
- 3 concrete ways to use awareness in your daily life
- the 3 sworn enemies of awareness
- the 2-minutes exercise that will grow your awareness on auto-pilot
- how to use awareness to deal with overwhelming emotions (the most popular of all!)
- ... and 5 more!

Awareness feeds deeper awareness.

Start growing your awareness right now.
Start your own Awareness Uprising!
The one that will lead you to a more conscious life, rooted in what truly matters to you.

Get access to the training immediately

1. Add the email address where you want to receive the email training.
2. Get a new video (about 5 minutes long) every 2 days for 2 weeks. The first one comes right away!

This is a video training series for those people who naturally question what they are taught. The way they perceive reality.
Their own thoughts and behaviours.

Awareness is a superpower that each and every human being is born with.
Like a muscle, we can train it to become our most amazing superpower. We can even train it to bring us where no human being has ever been (*kidding*... kind of).
Awareness CAN bring you to feel the best you have ever felt with yourself, to experience life in the most profound and conscious way, to embrace your authentic self and to live in meaning, purpose and connection.
Each and every day.

About me... Valentina

I'm a knowledge-hoarder, research-junkie, consciousness-explorer, change expert (MA), and certified life coach.

After a successful and yet unfulfilling career in a Fortune 500 company, and overcoming the crippling anxiety that defined me for 15 years, I devoted my life to understanding what it means to he human, and how to hack our way to a purpose-driven and conscious life.

The three very learnable core ingredients of a life that truly matters? Awareness. Acceptance. Courage.

You already have everything it takes to be extraordinary.

Each and every day of our life is a gift: let's not waste even one day.

Get access to the training immediately:

1. Write the email address where you want to receive the training.
2. Get a new video every 2 days for 2 weeks. The first one comes right away!


An overview of research-validated solutions to anxiety & how to identify the BEST one for you, so that you can control your anxiety and rewire your lifefor good.

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