- The Beliefs Show -

 ​​​Break Free of your Toxic Beliefs:
​find true clarity and feel freaking ALIVE


- Your declaration of INTENT -

My life does NOT define ME. 

I AM so much more.

When I am ME, I am whole. 

When I am ME, I know what I truly need.

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​- You don't really believe you have what it takes to ​shape a better life, and prefer to spend the next 2-10-30 years waiting ​to win the lottery, or for someone else to save you

- You prefer ​other ways to improve the way you feel, even if ​they are not really working​

- You have procrastinated on your happiness until now, and that served you well

- You don't believe ​there's a way out

- You don't like my face

​In choice lays our ​empowering ability to ​shape our present, and ​our future.

Which one of the following do you decide to choose, in this punctual moment of your life?


I ​choose to keep everything exactly as it is right now.

​I choose to listen to the voice in ​my head listing all the reasons why ​my life cannot possibly change, why this is not the right moment, and why I should move on. 

​I choose to trust this voice, because it has served me well in the past and helped me become a better and happier person.


I choose to imagine a life in which ​I feel so safe ​I can let go of ​my fears, so trusting ​in ​myself that ​I can let go of ​my doubts. A life in which ​I have clarity, and feel freaking alive, energized and propelled by ​my heart-filling values and life purpose. ​A life in which ​I feel connected ​to my self, and whole. 


​I ​choose to ​drop everything ​I am doing right now. To leave the tech gadget ​I am using to read this page behind. ​I choose to start living at ​my fullest right away. To breathe in ​connection and love. To breathe out ​anything ​that doesn't ​make ​my heart flutter ​and ​my inner core ignite. 

​Whatever you choose

- ​Choose intentionally -

​​​Because it matters.

Because you matter.


​A life in which you just - know​. In which it all makes sense.
A life that feels right​​, in which you ​feel fully alive.

A life ​where your higher awareness brings clarity, connection and purpose.

​Clarity and Easier decisions

​A life in which your doubts dissipate like snow heated by the sun​. In which ​you have clarity​:

  • ​corrosive thoughts have no more control ​on you and your life ​
  • you ​​break free of ​toxic beliefs and attitudes with ease
  • you ​feel deep into your bones what is good for you, and what is not​
  • you quit the never ending second-guessing and self-doubt
  • you know the way. How to follow it, and find it again, at any given time


​Connection and Self-love

​A life rooted in connection with your Self, and the people you love the most. 

So that:

  • you are always connected to who you really are
  • you nurture ​yourself with love, acceptance and compassion
  • you ​feel ​the connection to your heart-filling values
  • you nurture the relationships with the people you love the most ​through unconditional love

​Purpose and Meaning

​A life rooted in ​meaning and purpose, so that:

  • you have an inner compass guiding you in the direction that is right for ​you
  • ​your ​see the endless opportunities surrounding you​, and are able to catch them on the fly
  • you give more than you could have ever imagined possible, and receive even more
  • your life makes sense. It all makes sense.

​HOW do you get there?

By finding what's your elephant in the room

Toxic beliefs are like an ELEPHANT in the room!
​They hide in plain sight, and they ​run the show of your life from the safe place of your hidden subconscious.

​Can you imagine an elephant comfortably sitting in the middle of the ​living-room of your mind? The gigantic ass with the wiggling tail, the funny hairy head, the little ​clever eyes? Let's not imagine how much poop such an animal can produce every single day!

​How can such a huge animal ​be hidden in plain sight?

Well... it is a very special one, because...

  • ​it's an elephant you are used to see since you were a little child
  • ​it's an elephant you grew attached to, no matter ​how much poop it produced
  • ​it's an elephant you believe to be an intrinsic part of your very essence (yes, that's creepy, isn't it?)

And nope, they are not the cute and kind elephants you may have seen at the zoo.

They are not mean either, but they do what they have learned to do.

Over and over again.

No matter if....

  • ​it served toddler-you very well, but not so much adult-you: ​it's now a corrosive presence in your life
  • ​it ​served you well in a situation you are not living with anymore since The Age of Bronze
  • ​it ​is the outcome of a misunderstanding
  • ​it is a generational trauma that keeps poisoning each new generation (while making less and less sense)
  • it is the reason why your life tastes like 200 year-old pudding - literally

You have been carrying around 1 or 3, or 20 elephants since you were a little child.


Is it surprising you feel an overwhelming weight on your shoulders?
Is it surprising your heart feels so heavy it may sink away to never resurface?
Is it surprising your mind feels so full and cluttered you never seem to find clarity?
Is it surprising you ​feel so​​ disconnected from ​who you are?

 So clenched up in your fears, worries, questions and doubts?

​Hi, I'm Valentina, and I've been there.

I was well in my 30s when I realized that no matter

  • how many "goals" I reached
  • how much money I earned
  • how much effort I put in controlling my anxiety and binging

my suffocating emptiness and clenching anxiety inevitably increased.

Until I DID find my way out  from that black hole devouring my inside.

I embraced my passion for neuroscience and behavioral psychology, and paired it with my business expertise on Leading Change (MA).

And I found so much more:

  • I found my Self, and with it an inner peace and self-love I didn't know existed
  • I ​recognized ​and reconciled with all the parts that make me, ME
  • I reconnected with my heart-filling values
  • I discovered what it means to be truly authentic, with myself and everyone else
  • I learned all the whys behind my thoughts, patterns and attitudes
  • I built a life that tastes just right. That makes sense. That fills me up with awe, wonder and love.

"​Valentina intuitively goes to the place where the person is struggling"

​“Valentina impresses me as she rapidly and intuitively goes to the place where the person’s ​struggles are. And then she calls a spade a spade, but when doing so she is extremely warmhearted, respectful, and eye opening. And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.”

- ​ Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking (​FMH Psychiatrist, Scientific senior resident)


What You'll Get...

"​Everything you need to shape a life that tastes like chocolate-covered rainbows"

​1 -  LIVE introduction ​to the 2-weeks DETOX program and why it works, every single time.

​2 - The YOU-Factor: explore your inner world (the one safely tucked away in your subconscious) ​

​3 - The 1-week adventure into your inner world

​4 - ​Let the fun ​begin: empowerment ​and clarity

​5 - ​Your Detoxed Life Plan + ​Focused Framework

​6 - AMAZING BONUSES to stay engaged!


Here comes the BOMB (a confetti made bomb): The first 5 people joining the DETOX will get a super discounted price! WHY? Because I'm ​bribing you (in a super nice and transparent way) in exchange of feedback and an honest testimonial. Scroll down for more...


​- Your Bonuses -

​​After the 2-weeks DETOX program there is SO much inner space for exploration and discovery.​
​It's a magic moment and I cannot possibly leave you alone with it ;-)

​I cannot imagine anything more valuable than LIVE workshops on ​the core components of ​real and lasting happiness.

​​Heart-filling Values LIVE ​​​​Workshop (valued at 197$)

  • ​​Discover ​what Values resonate so deeply with you to ​flutter your heart
  • ​Explore which ​Values resonate the most with the person you want to be​
  • ​Include concrete action in your Life Plan to live true to your values
  • LIVE exercises and Downloadable ​worksheets

​Choose your Life Purpose LIVE Workshop (valued at 197$)

  • ​Open a dialogue with ​your Inner Explorer to gain insights on your Inner Purpose (the one that has been crashed by decades of toxic beliefs and... gigantic-ass elephants!)
  • Explore the realm of what makes you happy (hint: it's not what you think... I think)
  • ​Include concrete action in your Life Plan to ​pursue your Life Purpose
  • LIVE exercises and Downloadable ​worksheets

​Exclusive FB Group

​This is where the magic happens! At any given time. 


​​Break FREE of  your Toxic Beliefs so that you can Feel Freaking ALIVE

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​What's the alternative?

​Would you rather....

  • ​... crawl through life until the game is over, or storm through it like a volcano erupting ideas and turning heads at every corner? 
  • ... keep living in the belief that you are not enough, or live like you really matter?
  • ​... slowly die of ​emptiness, in a never ending struggle with yourself, or feel freaking alive?
  • ... stay stuck in the same corner of life until the end of time? Hoping for something to change. Hoping for someone else to free you. Hoping for a miracle to happen. Or feel energized, unique and inspired​? 

​The choice is yours

  • ​LIVE ​workshops
  • ​1:1 coaching sessions
  • ​Amazing Bonuses
  • ​Engaged FB Group
  • ​Tailored Life Plan

​Feel freaking ALIVE

​for just:

instead of 397$

​The above discount is valid only for the first 5 people to join the 2-weeks DETOX in exchange for ​feedback (2 surveys) and a testimonial - because helping out is the kindest thing of all!



​You life does NOT define ​You.
​You ARE so much more.
​You deserve to break free of everything toxic in your life.

You deserve to feel freaking ALIVE!

​Are you ready to feel clarity, connection and purpose in just 2 weeks?

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You are fully protected by ​my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If ​anytime during the first ​48 hours you feel it's not going to work for you, I will refund you 100% of the money. No questions asked.

"​I do know each and every person in my program will get a life-long value from this program. ​And yet, ​it must be YOUR ​choice."


​My answers to your questions:

​What will happen after the ​program ends?

​Do you have cheaper programs?

​Do you offer an ongoing coaching program?

​What if I will not be happy with the outcome?

​What if I have more questions?

​What are your credentials?

​If you ​have some additional questions and would like to ask them in person, book a free 10-minutes call with me.

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